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When it comes to squash, proper holding of the racket is very important. A good squash grip makes the racket feel like an extension of the arm. At Quality Squash Stores we sell squash grips from the Karakal and Oliver brands. View our entire range of squash grips below! When should I replace my grip?

Squash grips come in different shapes and sizes. How often you have to replace your squash grip depends on a number of things. The first is the frequency in which you play squash with the racket. The more often the racket is used, the more often the squash grip must be replaced. The second is: What kind of grip do you use?

There are 2 different types of squash grips. The first is the basic grip. You place the replacement grip on the racket as a replacement for the basic grip that is supplied from the factory. The second is the overgrip. The overgrip has a shorter lifespan than the replacement grip, partly because it is a lot thinner.

The overgrip is used by players who want a little more control over the racket and need a somewhat thicker grip. The replacement grip has in principle the same thickness as the grip that is supplied from the factory. The extent to which they are moisture-regulating and stiff is important with both squash grips.

The stiffer the grip, the more control the player has over the racket. When a squash grip can handle a lot of moisture, it often also has a longer lifespan. On average, competition players replace between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the amount of training per week. Buy squash glasses Squash glasses are essential for the player who wants to practice the sport safely. Squash can be very dangerous because the squash ball fits exactly into the eye socket of the player.

As the game gets faster and faster, the number of eye injuries increases every day. Squash glasses are compulsory for young people (up to 19 years of age). This is partly because accidents occur more often among young people than among older squash players. We sell squash glasses from the Salming and Oliver brands. We chose this because they simply sell squash glasses of the highest quality. Are you curious about which squash glasses suit you well? View our selection below! We have a wide selection of various squash materials for every player.