Wat doe je met je marketingbudget in deze tijd?

Het is momenteel lastig om weer op te starten. Er zijn namelijk wel versoepelingen, alleen kan er nog niet altijd de volledige bezetting benut worden door de maatregelen die er nog steeds zijn! Wat doe je dan met je marketingbudget? Wat wij zouden doen lees je terug in dit artikel. 

Budget verdelen onder langere en kortere termijn resultaten

Als je kijkt naar online marketing, dan kan je dat op meerdere manieren inzetten. Je kan bijvoorbeeld zo snel mogelijk zoveel mogelijk resultaat willen behalen met bijvoorbeeld Google Ads of je kan inzetten op manieren die pas later effect hebben; denk hierbij bijvoorbeeld aan SEO/Linkbuilding. Er zijn natuurlijk nog meer voorbeelden te noemen naast zoekmachine marketing en het is aan te raden hierin een goede verdeling te vinden.

Als je op dit moment niet de capaciteit hebt om meer klanten te ontvangen door de maatregelen die er zijn, schroef dan je budget voor de kortere termijn terug en verschuif dit naar de langere termijn. Zo kan je zorgen dat als de maatregelen nog verder versoepelen jij er online beter voor staat. Er zijn altijd welke zaken die je kan verbeter voor het online profileren van jouw bedrijf. Bezuinigen is begrijpelijk, alleen als de bedrijven om jou heen ook actief blijven loop je wel een achterstand op. Deze achterstand is voor een MKB bedrijf lastig in te halen!

Vraag je meer voor jouw product of dienst?

Via je online marketing te kennen geven dat je meer bent gaan rekenen als gevolg van covid-19. Er zijn veel bedrijven die meer vragen voor hun product of dienst met daarin aangegeven dat dit het gevolg van covid-19 is. Doe je hier nou goed aan of niet? Wij denken dat er wel begrip is voor de ondernemer, maar weten nou niet of dit zo heel goed wordt opgevangen als je online marketing inzet om dit te kennen te geven. Tuurlijk het is begrijpelijk dat je het als ondernemer zwaar hebt, alleen als je hier online marketing op inzet wordt er wellicht gedacht dat dit een commerciële zet is om meer aan je klanten te verdienen. Kijk hier dus mee uit!

A double deck trailer is the ultimate solution

Every company wants to transport their goods as quickly as possible. Nowadays you also must look at the environment and the way of transporting your goods. You do not want to transport your products in a trailer that is not fully loaded. When you have to much stuff for one trailer, but not enough for two, then you could take a look at a double deck trailer. A double deck trailer is perfect for transporting your goods across Europe in a save and efficiently way. One of the advantages of this trailer is that you can but several kinds of pallets in there.

The perfect solution for transporting goods

Blankers Transport is an experienced company in the Netherlands that is specialized in the transport of goods to every destination across Europe. You do not have to rent several trailers of drive multiple timing from one location to the other. With a double deck trailer you’ll save time, fuel and you have considerable less cost. A double deck trailer has a hydraulic lift mechanism. With this mechanism your goods cannot be damaged throughout the process of loading. You have two decks, which you can load separately. When the decks are loaded, you can lower them into their final positions. With a double deck trailer you do not need two or maybe even three trailers.

Get in touch for a double deck trailer

Blankers Transport takes great care of your goods and transports them to their final destination all across Europe. During the transport you will always receive an update and more information about the location of your goods. This company has a large fleet with more than 50 trailers. If you want more information or if you have questions, you could always get in touch with one of their employees. They have experience and they can give you the information you need.

Paving the Path Forward with SEO: Overcoming the Global Pandemic

The worldwide pandemic has caused an unique type of distress for business owners wanting to begin brand-new companies. Aside from handling the many health and social problems caused by the COVID-19, they have faced the abrupt crash of a near-perfect set of conditions for start-ups: a robust economy, eager investors, and extraordinary levels of endeavor financing.

The National Venture Capital Association alerts that even though the financial investment sector entered 2020 with a record $120 billion in capital offered for start-ups, it won’t be nearly enough to offset the negative effect of the monetary crisis as VCs reroute their financial investments far from high-risk, illiquid upstarts.

You can look for hope, though, by combing through history, explains Thomas Foo, the founder of TNT SEO, a Malaysia internet marketing company. A lot of the world’s most ingenious and notable companies were born during economic downturns.

Money will be tough to come by over the next few quarters, but that does not indicate it’s always a hard time to begin a company. Many things bode well for start-ups right now, with everybody working from another location, vast amounts of gifted individuals trying to find work, and less competition. More significantly, it is time to check out digital marketing methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Terence Lim, SEO Strategist and the owner of JinMatic is convinced that SEO can support organisations throughout this worldwide pandemic. However, SEO isn’t a one-time investment; it’s a continuous process of improving web content based on the updates in Google algorithms.

Google improves its search function by arranging the world’s information and making it universally accessible. In the last 5 years because of its explosive development, SEO has gone through numerous modifications. A few of the game-changing updates Google has rolled out in the past years are Hummingbird, RankBrain, and the Exact Match Domain update. These algorithms make the online search engine smarter than ever. Although these updates make life much easier for end-users, SEO professionals and brand names are required to stay on their toes to rapidly incorporate these brand-new strategies into their digital marketing technique.

55% of all Google searches yielded zero clicks in June 2019. This indicates that the majority of users discovered the responses they required on the results page, so they didn’t need to go to different sites. Google takes snippets from ranked pages that supply the most gratifying answer to the inquiry.

For web users, the occurrence of zero-click searches indicates that Google is doing a great job of making the world’s information helpful. And because consumers have actually grown more impatient throughout the years, the convenience of not having to scroll through several web pages considerably improves their browsing experience. But for businesses, this means that the SEO method in Malaysia has to be strengthened. In my experience, even if your website ranks high on searches, there’s no assurance that they’ll visit your pages.

The best method to optimize for zero-click searches is to win featured snippets. Do this by implementing structured data on your site. It’s a standardized format used to label and organize the details in your websites.

Structured information does not directly improve your search rankings, however it does have SEO benefits. Terence mentioned that rich snippets make your website more understandable for online search engines, helping the spiders simplify faster.

Take 121 Residences, a Petaling Jaya property as an example, JinMatic SEO team helped them to place Frequently Asked Question Schema and it made the search results page more enticing. 121 Residences comprises of 2 household towers of serviced condos and SOHO units – with the prices ranging from RM325,000 onwards for 450 sq ft and RM540,000 onwards for 750 sq ft. Enveloped by the recognized town development including Bandar Utama, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Damansara Utama, and Mutiara Damansara, this PJ condo is expected to tap into the highly desirable urban lifestyle. The results of Frequently Asked Question Schema has assisted 121 Residences to enhance their site visitors.

Occupying position zero also increases your digital marketing online presence, even if not all users click your site. Remember to include your company name in your meta tags, particularly in on-page blogs, to improve brand recall. Included bits also drive the greatest number of clicks, drawing in about 50% of the traffic. Schema markup is the primary tool in structured SEO. It utilizes 3 formats:

  1. Microdata
  2. RDFa
  3. JSON-LD

Please keep in mind that JSON-LD is highly recommended for structured data due to the fact that its scripts are fairly much easier to add, update and remove compared to the other 2.

This digital marketing strategy definitely works for Malaysia small-medium enterprises because today’s consumers demand easy-to-find, snackable and valuable content.


Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le marché secondaire de la plateforme de financement participatif

Un marché secondaire sur une plateforme de financement participatif est un marché où des titres précédemment émis, qui contiennent à la fois des actions et des titres de créance, peuvent être achetés et vendus par les actionnaires. C’est donc un marché où les investisseurs achètent des titres à d’autres actionnaires, pas à l’émetteur.

Lorsqu’une entreprise émet ses titres pour une période donnée, elle émet sur le marché primaire. Après le premier appel public à l’épargne, ces titres seront proposés à la négociation sur le marché secondaire. Des bourses comme la Bourse de New York (NYSE) et le NASDAQ sont des exemples de marchés secondaires.


  • Le marché secondaire offre de la liquidité à tous les investisseurs. Tout vendeur qui veut de l’argent liquide peut simplement vendre le titre en raison du grand nombre d’acheteurs présents.
  • Il y a très peu de décalage entre les nouvelles nouvelles de la société et le cours de l’action reflétant cette nouvelle, de sorte que le marché secondaire ajuste rapidement le prix pour refléter les nouvelles avancées du titre.
  • Des coûts de transaction moins élevés sont encourus sur les marchés secondaires en raison du volume important de transactions.
  • Les marchés secondaires sont également une alternative à l’épargne.
  • Les marchés secondaires sont fortement réglementés par le gouvernement car ils sont une source vivante de formation de capital et de liquidité pour les entreprises et les investisseurs. Des réglementations strictes garantissent la sécurité de l’argent de l’investisseur.



Les principaux instruments du marché secondaire sont:

  • Les instruments à revenu fixe sont généralement des titres de créance tels que des obligations et des débentures. Cela comprend également les actions privilégiées.
  • Les instruments à revenu variable sont des actions et des dérivés.
  • Les instruments hybrides sont les actions favorites et les obligations échangeables.
  • Les principaux acteurs du marché secondaire sont les services de courtage et de conseil, qui incluent les courtiers à commission, les négociants en valeurs mobilières et plus encore. Intermédiaires financiers tels que banques, compagnies d’assurance, fonds d’investissement et sociétés financières non bancaires. Le dernier acteur est les investisseurs privés.


Le premier avantage est que vous pouvez échanger sur le marché, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez vous endormir ou passer votre journée et laisser votre petit ami faire le travail pour vous. Vous pouvez également surveiller et négocier plusieurs actifs sur différents marchés. Un autre avantage du bot trader est qu’il n’a aucune signification émotionnelle. Enfin, en termes de rapidité, elle peut être meilleure qu’un humain, l’ordre peut être exécuté plus rapidement qu’un humain, et en termes de collecte et d’analyse de données, l’offre est de jongler et d’analyser plus d’une personne.

Smart crypto bot est un puissant cryptobot de trading de crypto qui échange pour vous, que vous dormiez, travailliez dans votre bureau ou que vous vous amusiez en famille. Cette technologie de pointe vous aidera à devenir un meilleur trader et vous fera gagner du temps tout en profitant des gains de crypto d’une manière simple.

Is een GPS tracker veilig?

Is het gebruik van een GPS tracker veilig? En ben ik de enige die de locaties van een GPS tracker kan inzien? Het antwoord hierop is helaas dat niet iedere GPS tracker veilig is. Een GPS tracker van bijvoorbeeld Aliexpres heeft geen CE-markering, is te hacken en daardoor kan het zo zijn dat er meerdere mensen de locatie van uw GPS tracker kunnen zien. Om hierin te helpen hebben we een checklist samengesteld met aandachtspunten.



Een CE-markering op een GPS tracker betekent dat het systeem voldoet aan de veiligheidseisen die worden opgelegd door alle Europese Richtlijnen. De data wordt verstuurd via een versleutelde VPN-verbinding die streng beveiligd zijn en niet door derden inzichtelijk zijn. Door de hoogste vorm van databeveiliging te hanteren bent u verzekerd van een veilige gegevensverwerking.


Privacy kilometerregistratie

Veel GPS trackers worden ook gebruikt voor de kilometerregistratie. Hierbij is het van belang dat data versleuteld verstuurd wordt, maar ook dat er een duidelijke richtlijn is tussen werknemer en werkgever. Want mag de werkgever zomaar de kilometerregistratie inzien waar privéritten in staan? Bij een kilometerregistratiesysteem van TrackJack is er een privacy statement, privacy beleid, privacyregeling werkgever-werknemer en verwerkersovereenkomst.


Sinds de AVG in mei 2018 in Nederland is geïntroduceerd, zijn er belangrijke regels samengesteld met betrekking tot de omgang van persoonsgegevens. Privacyrechten zijn hierin versterkt en uitgebreid, waardoor opgeslagen data niet zomaar voor iedereen inzichtelijk is. Het is daarom belangrijk om afspraken tussen werknemer en werkgever vast te leggen. Systemen die de kilometerregistratie bijhouden en een Keurmerk hebben, voldoen aan de eisen van de AVG. De werknemer bepaalt bijvoorbeeld zelf of de privéritten die zijn gemaakt ook inzichtelijk zijn voor de werkgever. Met behulp van het instellen van kantooruren, een app of een privéknop kan er geswitcht worden tussen privé- en zakelijke ritten. Zakelijke ritten zijn zichtbaar voor de werkgever, privéritten alleen als u daar toestemming voor geeft.

As melhores maneiras de experienciar os EUA em 2020

Os Estados Unidos da América são um lugar vasto e bonito. É constituído por 50 estados, todos eles com o seu clima e vegetação únicos. Para não falar que os EUA se orgulham de ter algumas das cidades mais famosas do mundo. Não falta o que ver e fazer neste poderoso país. Se está a planear visitar a América e deseja saber o que incluir na viagem, está no lugar certo. Estas são algumas das coisas mais especiais que poderá fazer nos Estados Unidos:

Parques Nacionais, destinos obrigatórios nos EUA

Com todo o glamour de Hollywood e as luzes brilhantes da cidade de Nova Iorque, pode ser fácil esquecer como os Estados Unidos podem ser bonitos. Mas recordará instantaneamente esse facto ao chegar a qualquer um dos mais de 40 parques nacionais do país. Dos altos picos do majestoso Yosemite às formações geotérmicas do vulcão Yellowstone, este país é rico em maravilhas naturais. Poderá até ver a árvore mais alta do mundo, no Parque Nacional da Sequoia, com mais de 80 metros de altura.

Faça uma longa viagem pelas estradas do país

Sabe-se que os americanos adoram viagens longas ao volante de um carro. Não admira que assim seja. Algumas das suas autoestradas atravessam as zonas mais pitorescas do país. A Pacific Coast High, por exemplo, atravessa toda a costa ocidental da Califórnia. Mesmo ao lado do oceano. Para não falhar da deslumbrante Kancamagus Highway, em New Hampshire, conhecida pelas suas espetaculares cores outonais. Essa poderia ser uma das melhores maneiras de ver o máximo possível deste país tão diversificado. Se essa ideia for do seu agrado, não é difícil encontrar um serviço de aluguer de carros nos EUA. Estes serviços geralmente não exigem que tenha carta de condução internacional, apenas que tenha mais de 21 anos. Informe-se também pois poderá chegar a acordo dependendo da estação em que está de visita. Pode encontrar mais informações aqui.

Visitar os melhores locais históricos

São imensas as atrações turísticas dos EUA. Mas com uma história tão rica como a deste país, os locais históricos são dos mais interessantes do mundo. Pode visitar o campo de batalha de Gettysburg, a notória cidade de Salem (onde se faziam os julgamentos de bruxas) e até viajar até Alcatraz. Também existem inúmeros museus e memoriais por todo o país que são de cortar a respiração.

Deliciar-se com a sua cozinha local

A América é muitas vezes associada a hambúrgueres e fast food. E embora tenham, aparentemente, um fornecimento infinito de deste tipo de alimentos, a sua comida tradicional é definitivamente algo que merce nota. A sua gastronomia é um caldeirão de muitas influências diferentes de todo o mundo. Das tartes doces e muitas vezes decadentes à saudável jambalaya, seguramente encontrará algo capaz de deliciar até os paladares mais caprichosos.


Esta é apenas a ponta do iceberg de tudo o que América tem para oferecer e vai deixá-lo a desejar por mais. Irá planear a sua próxima viagem assim que chegar a casa.

How to Stay in Ketosis after a Water Fast?

There are a great number of benefits of fasting. One of the major advantages of fasting is ketosis, which brings refreshing changes in your body. However, the temptation to eat a lot of food after completing the fast might be too strong for you. As a result, the purpose of fasting is destroyed. If you want to enjoy the long-term benefits of fasting, even after water fast, you should read the following tips and techniques to stay in ketosis after water fast.

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body which occurs due to the production of ketone bodies—fasting results in the increased and rapid production of the ketones. When glucose levels are depleted and fats burning is speed up, ketone levels are increased. It is a type of acid that is mostly removed via urination. There are numerous benefits experienced by our body during ketosis.

Benefits of Ketosis

Some of the benefits of ketosis are:

  • Increased weight loss due to limited calorie consumption and quick burning of fats.
  • The ketogenic diet provides good cholesterol for your body.
  • Experts have shown that diseases, diabetes, and heart conditions can be prevented through ketosis.
  • Chances of developing acne, Alzheimer’s, cancers, and even epilepsy are reduced.

How to Stay in Ketosis?

There are many other advantages of ketosis, so if you want to stay in ketosis even after water fast and enjoy its long-term benefits, you should adopt the following tips.

Maintain a balanced protein in your diet

After you have completed your water fast and have started eating food, you should carefully consume your nutrition, especially proteins. Your muscles should not get depleted of the protein, even if you are not eating any carbohydrates.

Amino acids are essential for the liver to produce fresh glucose stores. Eating very few proteins can be harmful to your health, so maintain a balanced diet.

Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are an essential part of a ketogenic diet. You can obtain them from many consumables, such as coconut butter, olive oil, and tallow.


Even when you are eating less food and might be running a little low on energy, you should exercise throughout the day. In fact, some studies show that physical endurance is increased in ketosis, so you should exercise as much as you can to remain fit and healthy.

Avoid carbohydrates

It should go without saying, but you must avoid carbs in your diet. They are the main source of glucose in your body. If you eat carbs, new glucose stores will be formed, fat burning will decrease, and your body will come out of the ketosis. Hence, consume carbs in a very limited quantity.

Frequent Fasting

It is highly recommended that you start water fasting on a regular basis, even if you keep a fast for a short period. This will allow your body to adjust itself to the fasting routine and remain in ketosis after water fast. You can enjoy the benefits of ketosis outside a fast, and whenever you feel comfortable, you can observe another fast to remain in this metabolic state.


Introduction of Day Trading

Those days are long gone when trading opportunities were available only to the rich and the members of large financial companies or the stock market experts. With the advent of technology and the internet, trading has become quite accessible to anyone, and everyone wishes to do it.

Day trading is one of the most popular methods of trading that can be a very high-paying career as well if it is done diligently. However, it is quite complex and can prove to be very challenging for amateurs in trading. Due to intense market situations and constant fluctuations, even the market and day trading experts sometimes suffer losses.

This article deals with the introduction of day trading in detail.

What is Day Trading?

Day Trading can be defined as the buying and selling of a stock within a single trading day. It can happen in any marketplace. However, most common markets of day trading are foreign exchange and stock markets. Typically, day traders are well-educated and have great knowledge about the market situations to implement the short-term trading strategies and reap the maximum benefits of the day trading.

With experience and expertise, day traders have the ability to predict the significant events in the market precisely, especially those events that can result in short-term market changes.

Some of the most common strategies involved in day trading are:


The purpose of scalping is to make several small profits from small changes in the market prices over the period of a single trading day,

Range Trading

Support and resistance indicators are used to estimate the buying and selling decisions.

News-based trading

Some unexpected circumstances can shock the markets either way. The trading done due to the increased volatility of the stocks due to some latest situation is called the news-based trading.


High-Frequency Trading (HFT) makes use of complex algorithms to take benefits from short-term market changes.

Even though the popularity of day trading has tremendously increased in the past few decades, the dangers and scrutiny of day trading have also increased. The trading practices have become vulnerable due to the heavy usage of the internet in modern-day trading. Moreover, there has been a sharp increase in trading scams that have exploited the new traders and caused them enormous losses.

Despite being a very profitable type of trading, many trading experts also try to stay away from day trading because, according to them, the reward is not worth the high risks involved in day trading. Moreover, economists argue that the process of day trading has become too complex and very unwelcoming towards the new traders.

A common misconception about day trading is that people can get rich quickly through it. It might stand true in some of the lucky cases, but it should be remembered that day trading can only be successful if effective trading strategies are implemented, and the right kind of markets are selected after extensive research. It is one of the very unpredictable trading methods. Hence, time, effort, and investment are necessary to get good at it. 

Offres d’emploi à Saint

Coffreur-bancheur (h/f)

  •  France

  •  Gros œuvre

  •  10 heures il y a

Le poste

Mission longue ou courte durée selon profil et disponibilité sur divers chantiers à Saint-Nazaire, Trignac et Saint André des Eaux.


Vos missions :


– placer les échafaudages et les dispositifs de sécurité,- prévoir la quantité de béton, bois, fers d’armature et les autres matériaux nécessaires,- réceptionner et stocke les matériaux,- assembler les boisages pour en faire des moules : les coffrages étanches qui vont contenir le béton,- réserver les emplacements nécessaires à l’installation des canalisations,- placer les barres d’étais qui maintiennent le serrage du coffrage,- insèrer l’armature de fer à l’intérieur du coffrage si le béton doit être armé,- s’assurer du calage de l’ouvrage et de son étanchéité,- superviser l’opération nécessitant une grue pour le positionnement du coffrage,- décoffrer l’ensemble quand le béton est sec.

Le profil recherché

Votre profil :

– Expérience sur les chantiers de 2 à 3 ans- Savoir lire des plans, faire du traçage et du repérage avec une extrême précision- Avoir une bonne connaissance des règles et consignes de sécurité sur un chantier- Apprécier de travailler en équipe


Votre rémunération et vos avantages :


– Taux horaire fixe + 10% de fin de mission + 10% de congés payés- Primes collective et/ou individuelle + participation aux bénéfices + CET 5%- Acompte de paye à la semaine si besoin,- Possibilité d’intégration rapide, de formation et d’évolution,- Bénéficiez d’aides et de services dédiés (mutuelle, logement, garde enfant, déplacement…).


Pour toutes questions, vous pouvez nous joindre au (téléphone caché)


Rejoignez le groupe Adéquat, l’acteur le plus dynamique du secteur de l’emploi depuis 3 ans !

Adéquat, Simplement pour vous !



Deux taux de retour sur investissement immobilier au choix

Les particuliers disposant d’un capital financier peuvent profiter d’une opportunité de placement immobilier leur assurant un retour sur investissement immobilier attractif. Il s’agit de la location de vacances. Sur son site, Center Parcs propose à la vente, quasi en permanence, des appartements et des cottages. Cela représente un placement immobilier sans risque et un bail sur le court ou le long terme. Le retour sur investissement immobilier est garanti au taux de 5 %. L’acquéreur peut préférer opter pour un taux variable de 3 % minimum, en plus d’une participation au chiffre d’affaires du parc.

Un placement immobilier dans une zone d’intérêt touristique

Les domaines gérés par Center Parcs Immobilier sont implantés dans des zones présentant un intérêt touristique. Investir dans un placement immobilier à la mer, à la montagne ou à la campagne, chez Center Parcs, c’est possible dans différents pays d’Europe tels que la France, l’Espagne, la Belgique, l’Allemagne ou les Pays-Bas. Acteur de référence dans l’immobilier de tourisme et soucieux du respect de l’environnement, le Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs conçoit, construit et gère des parcs touristiques durables. Après l’achat, il n’y a pas de mauvaises surprises pour le propriétaire qui n’a aucune facture d’eau, électricité ou d’assurance supplémentaires.

Des retours sur investissement immobilier réguliers

Pour un placement immobilier chez Center Parcs, le particulier est invité à consulter les offres de vente postées en ligne. Une recherche rapide permet de cibler les principaux critères de sélection. Les gîtes proposés à la vente sont accompagnés de photos et d’un descriptif. Vous pouvez demander un catalogue et prendre un rendez-vous avec un conseiller en immobilier. Vous obtiendrez toutes les informations nécessaires concernant les avantages financiers possibles d’un placement immobilier chez Center Parcs, à savoir que le futur propriétaire peut se voir proposer un financement et qu’il bénéficiera d’un usage illimité de sa résidence secondaire tout en percevant le montant de son retour sur investissement immobilier à un rythme trimestriel.