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How to Stay in Ketosis after a Water Fast?

There are a great number of benefits of fasting. One of the major advantages of fasting is ketosis, which brings refreshing changes in your body. However, the temptation to eat a lot of food after completing the fast might be too strong for you. As a result, the purpose of fasting is destroyed. If you want to enjoy the long-term benefits of fasting, even after water fast, you should read the following tips and techniques to stay in ketosis after water fast.

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body which occurs due to the production of ketone bodies—fasting results in the increased and rapid production of the ketones. When glucose levels are depleted and fats burning is speed up, ketone levels are increased. It is a type of acid that is mostly removed via urination. There are numerous benefits experienced by our body during ketosis.

Benefits of Ketosis

Some of the benefits of ketosis are:

  • Increased weight loss due to limited calorie consumption and quick burning of fats.
  • The ketogenic diet provides good cholesterol for your body.
  • Experts have shown that diseases, diabetes, and heart conditions can be prevented through ketosis.
  • Chances of developing acne, Alzheimer’s, cancers, and even epilepsy are reduced.

How to Stay in Ketosis?

There are many other advantages of ketosis, so if you want to stay in ketosis even after water fast and enjoy its long-term benefits, you should adopt the following tips.

Maintain a balanced protein in your diet

After you have completed your water fast and have started eating food, you should carefully consume your nutrition, especially proteins. Your muscles should not get depleted of the protein, even if you are not eating any carbohydrates.

Amino acids are essential for the liver to produce fresh glucose stores. Eating very few proteins can be harmful to your health, so maintain a balanced diet.

Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are an essential part of a ketogenic diet. You can obtain them from many consumables, such as coconut butter, olive oil, and tallow.


Even when you are eating less food and might be running a little low on energy, you should exercise throughout the day. In fact, some studies show that physical endurance is increased in ketosis, so you should exercise as much as you can to remain fit and healthy.

Avoid carbohydrates

It should go without saying, but you must avoid carbs in your diet. They are the main source of glucose in your body. If you eat carbs, new glucose stores will be formed, fat burning will decrease, and your body will come out of the ketosis. Hence, consume carbs in a very limited quantity.

Frequent Fasting

It is highly recommended that you start water fasting on a regular basis, even if you keep a fast for a short period. This will allow your body to adjust itself to the fasting routine and remain in ketosis after water fast. You can enjoy the benefits of ketosis outside a fast, and whenever you feel comfortable, you can observe another fast to remain in this metabolic state.