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Hair toppers, synthetic wigs and natural wigs – where to buy in Sweden?

Finding a Swedish hairstyle can be hard if you don’t know where to start. If you take the time and search in the right places, you’ll find that Sweden is full of wigs and hair pieces, also called toupees.


There are all sorts of reasons why one would want or need a wig or maybe even many wigs rather than just one. There comes all the difference in style, colour and shapes into play. Maybe you’re looking for something lighter than your own hair? Perhaps someone else has lost their hair while you still have yours intact but feel more confident with less hair? Do you want to try out different styles without messing up your real hair? Or do you do sports on regular basis and don’t  Hairly – Hårtoppar, syntetiska peruker och naturliga peruker

want to spend hours on end fixing your hair, which you’ll get messed up again within the hour?


Wigs are available in all kinds of materials. The most common ones are either synthetic wigs or human hair wigs. But there are also wigs made of wool, horsehair or even silk! Some people prefer animal friendly alternatives while some others feel that they can only wear real animal hair.. Vegetarian options usually imply anything but real animals, so if this is something you’re looking for then ask about the material before buying. Synthetic hair seems like a cheap option until you realise that it’s just as good quality as natural hair and doesn’t need nearly the same amount of maintenance. Also take into account that synthetics cannotbe dyed so you’ll have to stick with what they offer out of the box.


If your hair is a completely different colour from your desired wig, it’s probably a good idea to dye it before putting on the wig. The most common places for dying wigs are naturally right at the hairdressers where this service usually comes free of charge when buying a wig from them. Dying human hair wigs also takes more time than synthetic ones and that’s another reason why many choose synthetics instead. In many cases you can rinse off or even dry wash some kinds of wigs while others need some extra care and might lose their shape if not taken good care of.