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Disadvantages of a Tassimo Machines

The Tassimo machines maybe the best and ideal choice for all the people who love coffees and teas and other such things. Tassimo machines are amazing coffee machines, which comes with a lot of beautiful features and are suitable for many needs, and proves to be much better than single serving coffee machines. However, even with the Tassimo machines’ popularity and being the preferred choice, many claim that it has become old and outdated.

Below mentioned are the disadvantages of the stuff which people strongly dislike about Tassimo machines:

  1. Low Control:

The machine, especially the Tassimo pods offers very less control on the machine. There is very less amount of control options available in a Tassimo machine which a few people might find as a big disadvantage. There is no doubt in the coffee being great and delicious in taste, however, with low – or almost no – control, it makes the experience all the less enjoyable. In case of you desiring to have more control, you will then have to go for other kinds of single serve coffee makers.

  1. Sound:

The sound the Tassimo machines emit while the brewing process is unnerving and somewhat irritating. There are various machines that operate silently. However, this is especially not the case with this Tassimo Machines. People might have to bear some loud mechanical sound while the Tassimo machine is making – or brewing – your coffee. If you’re especially against a coffee maker that makes irritating sound while operating, you would have to avoid buying a Tassimo machine. Also, if the parts, or equipments, – for ex. Cheap Tassimo pods – used in the making of Tassimo machines is of low quality, even which might become the source of such irritating sound.

  1. Limited Type of Coffee:

Another disadvantage of this Tassimo machine would be the limited availability of the coffee types. One can’t just use any type of coffee beans or pods to make coffee in it. There are some limited numbers of coffee brands that make coffee pods for Tassimo machines, and from which you have to choose one from them. This may not count as a disadvantage if you strongly prefer only a single type of coffee. However, if you are of experimenter nature, i.e. if you love to try new and different types of variety of coffee flavors, these can especially a major disadvantage for them. There are not much of the T DISCS to choose from, including very few, such as Tassimo Costa Americano, Kenco Colombian Coffee, among others.

So, now you have it! The disadvantages of Tassimo machines are not that much of a problem, because of the advantages the Tassimo machines being more and good enough. However, all of it depends on your choices and preferences, really. You can take a look at Tassimo machines’ advantages and disadvantages and then research more about the best single serving coffee makers, and then make a firm decisions on the basis of your observations and analysis.