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Double A battery

The double A battery is a common portable energy source

Whether you have a clock in the kitchen or a tv remote in the living room – it’s most likely that both are powered by the double A battery. The double A battery is one of the most common portable energy sources and are used worldwide for miscellaneous applications. From portable receivers to children’s toys – all use the double A battery to work. Do you want batteries that hold their energy for a long time and that can be used in a durable manner? You should take a look at the batteries from 100%PeakPower!

Benefit from advantageous prices when ordering new batteries

Did you know that the double A batteries from 100%PeakPower aren’t just available in a 4-pack? You can also buy advantageous volume packs with 20 and even 40 batteries. One of the benefits of buying larger pack sizes is that you pay less per battery. When buying a double A battery pack of 4 batteries, you pay £0.62 per battery. If you order a 20-pack or a 40-pack, you pay £0.30 or £0.22 respectively per battery. The double A battery is so common that it may come in handy to have a small stock at hand.

Order the best portable energy sources from a reliable distributor

Do you know which package you would like to order? If you order before 3pm, 100%PeakPower makes sure your double A batteries are sent the same day. This means you will receive the batteries the next day! That’s rather convenient if you’re running low on stock. Make sure to order your batteries now to always have your portable energy source at hand. Orders above £15.00 are delivered free of charge! Did you order the incorrect size or is there any other problem with the batteries you ordered? 100%PeakPower offers free returns if batteries are not what you expected!