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Quality Squash Stores

In addition to squash rackets, squash clothing, squash shoes and squash balls, we also sell squash accessories. The accessories make the player! By squash accessories we mean: Squash bags, squash strings, squash grips, wrist and headbands. We sell squash accessories from various top brands such as Eye, Oliver, Salming, Saxon, Kean, Ashaway and Karakal. View our entire selection of squash accessories below. In short: All the squash accessories that the squash player needs to help you with your game!

Below we briefly explain all the accessories that we sell. Squash bags Squash bags are made to safely transport your squash racket and other squash gear. Especially the tensioning is a fragile part of the squash equipment. We sell squash bags from the Eye, Oliver, Saxon and Salming brands.

Squash strings The squash strings form an important part of the squash racket. There are various options for squash strings, from thick to thin. In addition, it determines how tight the racket is (measured in kg) how hard you can hit. We sell squash strings from the brands Salming, Oliver, Kean, Ashaway and Saxon. Squash grips If you often play squash, it is important to change your squash grip to a new one in time. This is to prevent the racket from sliding out of your hand during play.

A correct squash grip can make the racket feel like an extension of the arm. We only sell squash grips from the true top brands for this. These are Karakal and Oliver. Wrist and headbands Important when buying wrist and headbands for squashing is the service life and how comfortable it is. In addition, it must be able to absorb enough moisture for longer training sessions or parties. We sell wrist and headbands from the Salming, Oliver and Saxon brands.

View all squash accessories that we sell at Quality Squash Stores on this page. Of course we deliver everything within 1 working day and if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 30 days. Do you need help with what exactly suits you? Send a message in the chat and we are immediately ready for you!


When a squash racket has a drop-shaped leaf, the squash strings will last less. This is because the vertical strings are longer than the round blade. When the strings are longer they will vibrate more and therefore last less. This leaf has the advantage that the sweetspot is larger compared to the round version. In short, when choosing the right squash strings, pay particular attention to the thickness and quality of them. Also ask the person who stretches your squash racket how tight it is.