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Professional communication for professional referees

A lot of sports revolve around the decisions of the referees these days, which can have a huge impact on the match and the final result. As a professional referee you want to make sure everything goes according to the rules, which is why you have assistant referees on the sidelines and even a video referee that will check back important moments to make fair decisions.

With a team like this it is very important you can have crystal clear communication with your other team members, so you know exactly what is going on at the other side of the pitch and which actions have to be taken to make sure the game is guided fairly throughout the whole process.

If your assistant or even video referee has seen an important moment that could possibly call for a player to be sent off or for a penalty to be awarded this has to be communicated over a big distance within a matter of seconds.

With the AXIWI referee communication system this becomes possible, so you can talk to your colleagues even in a stadium full of fans (alright maybe not in the current Corona period) without any distortion that could make the message unclear.

No misunderstandings, no problems, it is clear which players made the foul and what their punishment should be. As a referee it is your goal to be invisible and let the players make the game, and successfull communication is the best way to reach this goal.