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Non-destructive material characterization might be the solution

Are you part of an industrial business and would you like to invest in a new characterization method? Let’s have a look at non-destructive material characterization. The professionals of IMCE, based in Genk, can help you to develop the right technique for you and your company. They have what it takes to detect thermological and mechanical aspects of the materials of your choosing. These professionals, with plenty of experience with non-destructive material characterization, set up a detailed professional systems to analyse. This allows you to know more about the durability and quality of a specific material. How it works? By using impulses and internal friction, we can learn more about a material. Read more below to learn more about non-destructive material characterization.

What kind of materials to use

Various materials are suitable for non-destructive material characterization. The professionals of IMCE are happy to help you with the following materials:

  • Refractories: during the specified cooling process of microstructures, it is possible to detect the thermo and mechanical characteristics and to analyse thermal influences. A high temperature working method benefits from non-destruction material characterization.
  • Composites and building materials: hard materials are perfectly fit for using non-destructive material characterization.
  • Various coatings: using this technique is also possible on hard coatings, metals and ceramics. It allows you to know more about the design and application of various coating systems. Use the impulse excitation method of the company for the most reliable results.

Ask for more details about the specific technique

Are you curious about the benefits of non-destructive material characterization? The devoted professionals of IMCE have an answer to every question possible. Leave your details via the online contact form, send them an e-mail or simply phone them. They will tell you everything you need to know and help you as soon as possible.