Neuromed project
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Make use of a barred tee

If you are interested in building or renewing a pipeline, then look into the option of using a barred tee. This special type of tee has a cage-like structure which bars the opening of the tee. The main purpose for a barred tee is to prevent a maintenance pig from flowing into branches where it is not to supposed to go. If that happens, it is possible for the maintenance pig to alter the flow or clog the pipes. has a wide selection of barred tees available in many different diameters.

Use cunifer for a longlasting pipeline

Are you renewing a pipeline because the previous pipes have worn? Then you should consider using cunifer pipes. Cunifer is a very durable alloy that consists of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Hence the name, ‘cunifer’. It has very high resistance against corrosive substances. Moreover, when the pipeline is predominantly used outdoors or in a wet environment, it is important to know that cunifer has anti-fouling properties as well. This prevents micro-organisms and funghi from attaching onto the pipes. This makes cunifer a very popular choice in maritime and offshore piping projects.

Consult an expert for advice on suitable parts for your project

Do you have a large piping project planned or perhaps you are constructing a new pipeline or renewing parts of an exisiting one? Consult an expert if you are unsure which type of materials are suited for your project. is the leading online platform for many different piping supplies. Their experts have extensive knowledge on various different types of projects. They list product data for all of their inventory. However, if you require specific advice, you can always contact their helpdesk for questions on your project. They are more than happy to help you with any kind of piping project.