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A double deck trailer is the ultimate solution

Every company wants to transport their goods as quickly as possible. Nowadays you also must look at the environment and the way of transporting your goods. You do not want to transport your products in a trailer that is not fully loaded. When you have to much stuff for one trailer, but not enough for two, then you could take a look at a double deck trailer. A double deck trailer is perfect for transporting your goods across Europe in a save and efficiently way. One of the advantages of this trailer is that you can but several kinds of pallets in there.

The perfect solution for transporting goods

Blankers Transport is an experienced company in the Netherlands that is specialized in the transport of goods to every destination across Europe. You do not have to rent several trailers of drive multiple timing from one location to the other. With a double deck trailer you’ll save time, fuel and you have considerable less cost. A double deck trailer has a hydraulic lift mechanism. With this mechanism your goods cannot be damaged throughout the process of loading. You have two decks, which you can load separately. When the decks are loaded, you can lower them into their final positions. With a double deck trailer you do not need two or maybe even three trailers.

Get in touch for a double deck trailer

Blankers Transport takes great care of your goods and transports them to their final destination all across Europe. During the transport you will always receive an update and more information about the location of your goods. This company has a large fleet with more than 50 trailers. If you want more information or if you have questions, you could always get in touch with one of their employees. They have experience and they can give you the information you need.